The Audio File

If I were better at the Internet, this section wouldn’t be here. Or it would look a lot different, anyhow. At the moment, it’s a hodgepodge of all the stuff that’s more conveniently organized in the “Audio” section. So I’d just recommend going over there, rather than shuffling through all the stuff below.

At the moment, most of the audio on this site is podcasts of my radio show. I do plan to add more, though—music from my bands, the High-Steppin’ Nickel Kids (1991-2002) & the Boston Ruin (2009 & semi-ongoing), as well as more of my chopped & screwed versions of popular songs & just the odd hott DJ mix I’ve done from time to time. So, you know—stay tuned for that! (But not, like, on the edge of your seat, or anything. These things take time, you know.)

Meanwhile, please do drop by for some slowed-down entertainment. We now return you to the Internet, already in regress.

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