Clips: Online

Below are a few examples of my writing viewable online:

Shure Axient:

I named this product/series and wrote most of the content for this section, which was repurposed across product brochures and a promotional thought leadership book that was produced for Winter NAMM 2010 and distributed to an exclusive, hand-selected set of prestigious and influential music industry recipients.

EV Live X:

I wrote most of the top-level copy for this site (and the product packaging); headlines, taglines, descriptive body copy, etc. (The more specific feature bullets and lower-level details were provided by the client.)

Hear Forever:

As above, I wrote most of the top-level copy (i.e., the introductory and contextual content, not the white-paper articles or internally-developed materials) for this hearing-protection campaign site. I copy-edited and proofed all of the site’s content.

The above work was done while at Catapult Thinking. Below are some examples of my freelance music writing for the Boston Phoenix (which has since, sadly, gone dark; its current (ma)lingering web presence is shaky at best):

Music reviews:

I never pitch an album for review unless I plan to praise it, or use the review to write positively about the artist’s previous work. Negative reviews are morbidly fun (and easy) to write, but I prefer to use my soapbox to recommend good music, rather than subjectively criticize. With their concise format, music reviews also help me keep my word-count focus sharp.

Year-end music wrap-ups: