Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Twenty

Starts out with a couple of protest chants, then smooths things out with some eighties pop. On the heels of a pair of novelty rap gems, a Christian fifties-high-school lecturer gets his point across (backed up by an Earth dirge), & a godawful Hot Chocolate cover by Rick Rubin’s old band (taken from the first record to bear the Def Jam name & logo) rounds out the set.

Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Twenty

Bob Marley—Burnin’ & Lootin’
Against Me!—What We Worked For
Police—The Bed’s Too Big Without You
Falco—Do It Again (Steely Dan)
M—Moderne Man/Satisfy Your Lust

Michael Jackson—Wanna Be Startin’ Something (inst)

Rodney Dangerfield—Rappin’ Rodney
King M.C.—What have I Done For You Lately
Madvillain—All Caps
Earth—Land of Some Other Order
Don Lonie—Talks to Teens
Hose (Rick Rubin)—You Sexy Thing

Loka—Safe Self Tester

Social Distortion—So Far Away

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