Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Six

Yet another mid-week missive; a tale told by an idiot, full of sound & fury & what not, signifying monkeyshines.

This week’s episode features music by Sa-Ra Creative Partners, a spectacularly upbeat & catchy number by the Glass Bottle, a song by Graduate (UK power pop by pre-Tears for Fears blokes!), an eighties(ish) novelty block, & then we get real, real French for a change, with the scowly Jacques Brel & the delightful Francois Hardy.

We conclude with some dialogue between Antony Perkins & Melina Mercouri, which includes a bit of sweetly melancholic singing, preceding a manic monologue that, unfortunately, cuts off just before Perkins drives over a cliff. (Yes.)

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this show; no glaring screwups, apart from a couple of slack segues. I tried to keep the chatterboxery down this time, but it still got the better of me here & there. But really, it’s a journey, not a destination, right? Hey, man.

Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Six

Dennis Miller – Self-Expression
Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Hollywood
Duran Duran – My Own Way
The Glass Bottle – Sorry, Suzanne
Graduate – Shut Up

Giorgio Moroder – Palm Springs Drive
Giorgio Moroder – Night Drive (reprise)

Bullet – I’m Billie Jean
Buckner & Garcia – Pac-Man Fever
Agallah – The Crookie Monster
Dangermouse & Jemini – The Only One

Blue Series Continuum – The Stakeout

Jacques Brel – Les Bourgeoisie
Francois Hardy – Les Temps De L’amour
CSNY – Country Girl (Neil Young)
Melina Mercouri – Rodostimo (from Phaedra sdtrk.)
Blue Series Continuum + Anthony Perkins – Outro

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