Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Ten

This one’s got some of my favorite songs ever; the Finger one’s just brilliant—keeps you waiting the whole time for the chorus, then hammers it. The Saul Williams one is pretty powerful, too—& Bernadette Peters’ version of the Elvis classic is intensely intimate. Or intimately intense. Either way, it’s sweet.

There’s also Mr. Rogers, with his classic “alternate version” of “Row Your Boat,” & UiLab (which is Ui, Sasha Frere-Jones’ old band, teamed with Stereolab, forming a math-pop indie kid’s wet dream) doing an Eno song, an unearthed gem by an Italo-disco legend (courtesy of the stellar Italians Do It Better label) & a fully-accredited (Casablanca Records, yo) disco version of an early Shakespeare banger.

Then, the host of Hollywood Squares (Eighties version) takes on Simon & Garfunkel, followed by a dynamite a old-school Stevie Wonder track, from his lesser-known album, Where I’m Coming From (1971), the first step on his streak of untouchable perfection that lasted through 1980, with his stellar Hotter Than July. (We’ll leave that Plants album out, as the exception that proves the rule.)

Episode Ten coming at you!

The Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Ten

New American Orchestra – Love Theme (Blade Runner OST)
Finger – Another State
Max Frost & the 13th Power – 14 or Fight
Stevie Wonder – Think of Me as Your Soldier
John Davidson – 59th St. Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)
Bernadette Peters – Don’t

New American Orchestra – End Title (Blade Runner OST)

Uilab – St. Elmo’s Fire
Fred Ventura – The Years Go By
Devoshun – No, No, No, My Friend (You’re Wrong So Do It Again)
Alec R. Costandinos & the Syncophonic Orchestra – Romeo & Juliet (Act I)
Chromium – Haunted Disco
Saul Williams – Penny for a Thought
Ella Fitzgerald – It’s Only a Paper Moon (w/the Delta Rhythm Boys)

Saul Williams – Purple Pigeons (instrumental)

Mr. Rogers – Propel Your Craft
New American Orchestra – Main Theme (Blade Runner OST)

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