Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Thirty-Two

It’s been a while since the last one & it may be yet longer till the next one. Thanks for sticking with this. Technical difficulties have gone forth & multiplied, so who knows what the future holds.

In the meantime (while we wait for the future), I give you the most recent Revolutionary Plastics Hour, from May 4 (if my math/memory is right). I managed to eke this out of a three-hour automated recording (under someone else’s name!), but I haven’t been so lucky since, so let’s count our blessings.

We start everything off with a few songs in the memory of MCA, led by Ritchie’s pick & moving into the deep-crate rare stuff I brought along. From there on, it turned out to be a fairly funk/soul/disco/rap-oriented show, yet intriguingly “racially diverse,” as we like to say. Hall & Oates, with their blue-eyed Philly soul cred, get a pass, as does NYC indie-rap impresario El-P, & the Beastie Boys were friends with RUN-DMC, so they’re okay. Hard to say who wins the white guy title for this show—Chet Atkins would seem to have it in the bag, but is there any soul to Jon Anderson at all?

I leave it up to you. Votes will be accepted at the usual address, tallied & archived appropriately. Mind your chads.

Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Thirty-Two

MCA RIP tribute set:
Beastie Boys—Shadrach [Ritchie’s Origins show closer]
Beastie Boys—Rock Hard (early Def Jam 12″, unreleased due to unclearable AC/DC sample)
Beastie Boys—She’s On It (12″ from Krush Groove soundtrack, pre-License to Ill)
MCA & Burzootie—Drum Machine (early Def Jam 12″)

El-P—[instrumentals; titles to come] from Megamixxx vol. 3

Maurice Starr—‘Bout Time I Funk You
Chuck Cissel—Cisselin’ Hot
Diana Ross & the Supremes & the Temptations—The Weight (The Band)
Bill Cosby—I Luv Myself Better Than I Luv Myself

Chet Atkins—Teensville

Hall & Oates—Family Man (Rock remix)
Jon Anderson—Cage of Freedom (Moroder)

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