Revolutionary Plastics Half Hour: Volume One

Hello again! As you may have noticed, this podcast has been a bit on the quiet side for the last few weeks. I assure you, this has not been due to laziness or apathy on my part, but rather to illness & technical difficulties.

For example, the technical difficulty that is lodged inside the automated recording software on the station’s computer, which is currently refusing to record my show in its entirety. This week’s podcast, for example, is half the usual length; preceding weeks have netted less than even a quarter of that running time. WTF, HAL?

So, despite being unable to provide a podcast that, shall we say, performs to completion, I didn’t want to sit back for another week’s worth of radio silence. With that in mind, here’s the first half of last week’s show. The second half was really good, too; I’ll have to replay it when this glitch is chased out of the system.

Quick wrapup: The “I Who Have Nothing” versions are intriguingly different, the disco Pink Floyd version is nicely done, and, yes, that is Britney Spears down there; I played it because I like Justice & thought you might enjoy their take. It was an early breakthrough for them; a pretty high-profile slot for a pair of laissez-faire Frenchmen. Sadly, no instrumental version on the 12″.

It’s a fun half hour! Go on, give it a shot. What do you have to lose?

Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Thirty-One Point Five

Metropolis—I [heart] NY

Sadat X—Don’t Get It Twisted (Thes One Remix)

Brenda & Herb—I Who Have Nothing
Sylvester—I Who Have Nothing
Snatch—Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 (Pink Floyd)
Britney Spears—Me Against the Music (ft. Madonna) (Justice Extended Mix)

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