The Slow World: Welcome


The Slow World is where things don’t work as well as they should. It’s a place where difficulty arises in figuring out choices or details or plans that, in our normal, day-to-day lives, require little to no thought. What falls into place effortlessly in the real world falls apart in the Slow World. We enter the Slow World in times of excessive physical or mental adversity. A powerful hangover is the most common ticket, but illness or bodily injury can also ease us across the threshold. Grief & sorrow in the wake of personal tragedy are potent modes of transportation into the Slow World. In general, exit is found only through the passage of time. There are other, less reliable methods, but, as with the less reliable methods of entry, they are mainly chemical in nature. It is not recommended to employ drugs or alcohol in an effort to find the Slow World. It is not discouraged to use them while en route, or following arrival.


These are not “legit” DJ mixes. They’re not all particularly clean or immaculately polished, & some of the versions aren’t even all that successful. Taken as a whole, though, I think it’s some dynamite stuff & I hope you like it. For me, it was (& remains) a continually rewarding exercise to take DJ Screw’s profoundly innovative style outside its Dirty South birthplace & add some basic DIY punk rock aesthetics to the whole mess. Dusty vinyl? Check. Crackle on the fader? Oh, we got that. Inconsistent volume levels from song to song? Come on, son—you know how we do.


I hope that, somewhere in these mixes, you can hear some of the things I love about the sound that DJ Screw crafted, & that continues to be explored (and imitated) by countless DJs who found that same beauty in the syrup.

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