Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Forty-Three

Some awkward novelty rap (ft. Tommy Boy’s Monica Lynch as a sassy Around-The-Way Girl, as well as 3rd Bass’ penultimate release & another Mix-A-Lot gem), some charming country gentlemen, some other assorted items of broadly general interest & that’s a wrap, folks!

(I know I’m not really selling it, here, but if you give it a listen, you’ll find that this stuff sells itself.)

Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Forty-Three

Mike Post—Theme from “L.A. Law”

The Hagers—Break My Mind
Roy Clark—Thank God & Greyhound
Jack Reno—Barroom Habits
Petula Clark—Resist
Maxine Sullivan & the Blue Notes—She’s a Rank Chick
Nick Gilpin—We’ll Work it Out
Bryan Ferry—Kiss & Tell
Terminator X—Buck Whylin’ (ft. Chuck D)
Hambo—First Rap Part II
3rd Bass—Gladiator
Sir Mix-A-Lot—My Hooptie (Still Runnin’ Mix)
Montreal Sound—Music (Original Version)
Bert Lahr (Wizard of Oz)—If I Were King of the Forest
Jennifer Hall—Ice Cream Days

Irene Cara—Flashdance… What a Feeling (remix) (instrumental)

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