Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Thirty

Shorter tracklist—longer songs. Vintage Donna Summer. St. Etienne tackle Neil Young (well, less “tackle” than “touch,” to stretch the metaphor), with the assistance of Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez & “Little” Louis Vega. Rick Rubin “ruins” Justice. Tata Vega speeds up Ned Doheny. SA Smash jiggifies Led Zeppelin & Howie B electronifies Robbie Robertson.

Oh, & three groups just flip the Reverse switch & run the tape backwards. Whaat? Yes, it’s true. A trio of backwards versions, created & released by the artists themselves. Why? Who knows; slowed-down music is enjoying some popularity, but taking songs & running them from back to front doesn’t seem to have caught hold with the music-loving public. Still, one man’s trash is another man’s hsart, I suppose.

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Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Thirty

Rotary Connection—Memory Band
Justice On’n’On (Rick Rubin remix)
Leftfield—Afrika Shok (ft. Afrika Bambaataa)
St. Etienne—Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Ken-Lou B-Boy Mix)
Donna Summer—Spring Affair
Tata Vega—Get It Up for Love

SA Smash—Last Night (instrumental)

Bangles—Hazy Shade of Winter (Shady Haze mix)
Stone Roses—Simone
Gnarls Barkley—Lous Ym Evas Annog S’ohw

Redboy [Robbie Robertson + Howie B]—Making a Noise (Midnight Special)

Fam-Lay—Git Busy (instrumental)

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