Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Twenty-Six

Ladies & gentlemen, my Valentine’s Day gift to you:

A scrappy mostly-nineties pop-punk beginning (with a garish vinyl fox pass* at the start of song #3, over which I have much chagrin), followed by some B-sides from popular eighties hits. A few odds & ends (funk-soul brothers, an R&B Paul Simon cover, German novelty pop, b-boy classics) round out the hour & we’re off into the night like a Rick Perry third thing.

A fun show; not the most polished, but there’s a lot to be said for good intentions, right? Sure, there is. (Of course, it’s usually said by parents sighing over report cards &/or girlfriends putting on a brave Valentine’s Day face over gas-station roses,** but still.)

Anyhow, enjoy!

* From the French; literally, “when a fox breaks wind on your efforts.”

** Ladies, did your man laugh at that one? Mmm-hmmm. You fellas know who you are!

Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Twenty-Six

The Damned—Thanks for the Night
The Barnhills—I Helped Save the Lady
Skimmer—All I Know is Wrong
Leatherface—You Are My Sunshine
Plow United—Yes, Sir!
The Undisputed Truth—You + Me = Love

Stevie Wonder—Send One Your Love (instrumental)

Heart—Heart of Darkness
Bruce Springsteen—Janey, Don’t You Lose Heart
Joe Tex—I Mess Up Everything I Get  My Hands On
The Intruders—Mother & Child Reunion
Player—Every Which Way
Dschingis Khan—The Rocking Son of Dschingis Khan

Nat Cross—Boogie Truck
Terry Baxter & His Orchestra—Thank You Falettin Me Be Mice Elf Again

Jellybean Benitez—The Mexican
Malcolm McLaren—Buffalo Gals

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