Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Twenty-Four

It’s hard to describe this show. It’s partially the result of realizing that I’ve collected a bunch of oddball Christian comedy & spoken word records over time, & partly an expression of my innate contrarianism. It’s not a show that I could really expect anyone to enjoy who isn’t, well—me.

On the other hand, if you’re in the right mood, this could be the most enjoyable show so far. I really can’t tell. Either way, I had a ball putting it together & I hope you’ll take a crack at it.

Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Twenty-Four

Part One: The Game of Life—The thrilling play-by-play description of an imaginary football game between Christianity an [sic] The Forces of Evil

[Interspersed with:]
Wynn Stewart—Daddy’s Girl
Little Marcy—Jesus Loves Even Me
Art Linkletter—Cain & Abel
Isaac Air Freight—Rapture Hotline #1
Jerry Jordan—No Hand to Dismiss
Isaac Air Freight—Rapture Hotline #2
Isaac Air Freight—Rapture Hotline #3
Ronnie Laws—Tell Me Something Good (Stevie Wonder)

Wham!—Bad Boys (instrumental)

Part Two: If You Go Away

Neil Diamond—If You Go Away
Glen Campbell—If You Go Away
Jack Jones—If You Go Away
Tom Jones—If You Go Away
Mia Farrow—Lullaby from Rosemary’s Baby
Steely Dan—Dallas
New American Orchestra—End Title (from Blade Runner sdtrk.)

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