The Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Seventeen

The second in this pair of new-era soul/R&B-inflected shows; this one plays like the B-side of the first; lots of the same names (Sa-Ra, PPP) &, to my chagrin, a repeated song (Grace Jones).

I can only blame my own absent-mindedness for that; I try to avoid repeating artists too frequently (although certain names & faces keep cropping up—I’m looking at you, Stevie Wonder, Giorgio Moroder & the Dictators), but playing the same song two shows in a row? That’s just poor form. Plus, it’s a disservice to Ms. Jones herself; a wasted opportunity. I’ll have to make it up to you (& her) with a dedicated show, one of these days.* Ah, that will be awesome.

Anyhow, this show also features Tiombe Lockhart, another Revolutionary Plastics favorite, along with Malcolm Gladwell essay topic, Kenna, a couple doses of Cee-Lo from deeper in his catalogue, a N*E*R*D remix (sorry for the swear-censoring; I didn’t realize it was that kind of radio edit—just thought it was the shorter version) & a song by Bilal, whose album topped my 2010 list of what’s good, yo.

Oh, & the Infesticons (aka Mike Ladd & co-conspirators) track is a triumphant closer like whoa!**

* In my defense, those were some crazy weeks.

** © 2002, The Kids

The Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Seventeen

Brick—Music Matic
Sleepy Brown—Come Dance With Me
Cee-Lo Green & Jazze Pha—Happy Hour
Platinum Pied Pipers—Angel
Grace Jones—Warm Leatherette
Waajeed—The Overtaking (ft. Tiombe Lockhart)
Kenna—Say Goodbye to Love
Nino Moschella—If You Believe (Sa-Ra “Get It Girl” remix)
Sa-Ra Creative Partners—Glorious
N*E*R*D—Provider (Zero 7 radio mix)
Cee-Lo Green—Country Love
Lil’ Flip—Sunshine (ft. Lea)
Infesticons—Hang It Up Anthem


Aeroplane—Fish In the Sky

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