The Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Fourteen

This show represents everything I try to do with the Revolutionary Plastics Hour. It’s got some cool newer music (the triumphant Glass Candy opener & the bouncy Shafiq Husayn ear-candy), then some lesser-known tracks by artists that may or may not be familiar to the average listener (that second 3rd Bass song is truly embarrassing, though; I just wanted to play it for posterity).

Then, a lovely setup/payoff, courtesy of Don Rickles & Robert Goulet, followed by another one-two punch, this time focusing on egregious song-ripoffery (the imitator comes first, then the originator). After that, a really fun, catchy country-pop tune & some in-studio bickering by the group who brought you “Wild Thing.” The evening concludes with a bittersweet rendition of “September Song,” by the man who was born to put the “awwww” in “maudlin,” Jimmy Durante.

All in all, a great example of what this show should provide & embody. Hope you like it…!

The Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Fourteen

Glass Candy – Candy Castles
Shafiq Husayn – Lil’ Girl (W/Fatima)

El-P – I Can’t Understand You (remix)(slow speed)

DJ Shadow – Lost & Found (S.F.L.)
3rd Bass – Wordz of Wizdom
3rd Bass – Hail to the Chief
Don Rickles – Robert Goulet
Robert Goulet – Sunny

Bionic Boogie – Feel Like Dancing

Deserters – Thought Police
Elvis Costello – Watching the Detectives
Donna Fargo – The Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A.
The Troggs – The Troggs Tapes
Chess – Endgame
Jimmy Durante – September Song

El-P – I Can’t Understand You (remix)(normal speed)

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