Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume One

Welcome to Episode One.* It went much better than I had any right to expect, given how long it had been since my last radio show (college) & my still-shaky familiarity with the gadgetry.

A really fun handful of songs to get rolling with, though, so that’s a start…!

* “A New Hope.” There; happy now?

The Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume One

Fancy—She’s Riding the Rock Machine
Hall & Oates—I’m Just a Kid (Don’t Make Me Feel Like a Man)
The Wonder Band—Stairway to Heaven
Dictators—Sleepin’ With the TV On (demo)
Sebastian Tellier—Divine
Fancy—I Was Made to Love Him
Syreeta Wright—I’m Goin’ Left

Boxer—Hip Kiss
Two Fingers—What You Know (remix inst)

Swedish House Mafia—The One (interrupted)
The Dream Team— The Dream Team Is in the House
Swedish House Mafia—One (also interrupted)

Cocoa Brovaz—Super Brooklyn (inst)

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