Revolutionary Plastics Hour: I Remember Halloween

Ghoul afternwhoooooon—it’s the haunted edition of the Revolutionscary Plastics Howl!

This week is fundraiser week at the station, so, for your listening pleasure, I’ve eviscerated (without anesthesia!) the chunks of the show that consist of me asking for money, leaving you with a tidy, uninterrorupted half-hour-long mix of seasonally*-appropriate tunes by some of the most highly-respookted names in the (horror) business.

I hope this mix will enhance your evening’s enterpainment, and that your Halloween night is an unMittigated triumph.

* of the witch

Revolutionary Plastics Hour: I Remember Halloween

Cinema (recorded music library)—Music Box
Disneyland—The Haunted House
Kid Koala—Tricks N’ Treats
Dictators—Science Gone Too Far
The Damned—Video Nasty
Glenn Danzig—Spook City, U.S.A.
The Misfits—Die, Die, My Darling
Samhain—To Walk the Night
Turbonegro—Nihil Sleighride
Chromatics—Into the Black
Poolside—Harvest Moon

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