Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Thirty-Eight

Song info & verbose over-notation to come…

Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Thirty-Eight

Direct Current—Everybody Here Must Party
The Main Ingredient—Something Lovely (Stevie Wonder/? Wright)
Cher—Bad Love
Abigail—Smells Like Teen Spirit (The Guitar Vocal Version)
Nile Rodgers—Stay Out of the Light (Lights Out Mix)
Brooklyn Bridge—Glad She’s a Woman

C.I.A. (Criminals in Action) (Kasz Mix instrumental)

Thirstin Howl III—The Polo Rican
Thirstin Howl III—I Still Live With My Moms
Thirstin Howl III—Watch Dees (ft. Eminem)
Foxy—Get Off (Special 12” Disco Remix)
Charlie Brown & Lucy
The Wizard of Oz
Foxy—Tena’s Song (instrumental)

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