Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Thirty-Six

Okay, I’ve been playing a version of this set for the past three or four weeks; this past week, it actually, finally recorded successfully. So now you can enjoy it!

The songs are definitely on the scrappier, punk rock end of the spectrum; with only a couple of exceptions (at the beginning & end, coincidentally enough), this could easily have been a playlist from my college radio show (1992-1995).

But don’t write it off, if you’re not a punk fan—there’s a lot to love here. & have no fear; the Revolutionary Plastics Hour is committed to variety & diversity. Coming weeks will definitely see a return to the forgotten country, rap, crooner & pop music that I’ve been playing all along.

Either way, stick around till the end (or skip ahead, if you can’t wait) to hear J.R.R. Tolkien reading from The Two Towers over some very atmospherically complementary music by Earth. Fun stuff. Enjoy!

Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Thirty-Six

Tiedye—Fisherman’s Bend (A Mountain of One remix)

Raphael Saadiq—Just Can’t Jig Anymore
Mike Ladd—Wild Out Day
Snuff—Funny Faces
Chopper—Kitty O’Shea’s
Jessie—Indestructable [sic]
Muffs—Big Mouth
Hickey—New Anthem for Amerika’s Disenfranchised
Bicycle Face—Speck O’ Dust
Mr. Wrong (Nomeansno)—The End of the World (Herman’s Hermits)
Pogues—London Girl
Pogues & the Dubliners—The Irish Rover
The Larry Brrrds—13th Generation
Dr. Bison—Make Me Yours
Southern Culture on the Skids—C.W. James, 00-Spy
Hickoids—Driftwood 40-23
Earth—Mirage/Land Of Some Other Order
J.R.R. Tolkien—Reads from The Two Towers

Desire—Part II

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