Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Twenty-Nine

Staring at the threshold of the Thirties, this latest episode has twentysomething written all over it. It’s still living at home with its parents, it won’t even consider accepting a job where it can’t check its Facebook page at least once every quarter-hour, & it doesn’t understand why putting Oliver North on TV is “tragic or whatever.”

I admit, I didn’t expect this show to turn out as well as it did. The assorted, scattered elements I cobbled together really came together in a way that I had hoped would cohere successfully, but really had no idea if they would (or, honestly, any reason to expect them to).

That said, I hope you’re in the mood for pre-House of Pain era Everlast (in his first incarnation as an affiliate of Ice-T’s Rhyme Syndicate crew), a Sarah Jones back-in-the-day classic, a charming Stone Roses b-side, some acoustic & country-tinged gems, plus the (by now) usual allotment of Giorgio Moroder-related synth-pop. Oh, & Kenny G. Did I mention Kenny G? Also Kenny G.

The mic levels are once again a little “hot,” as we say in “the biz.” Sorry about that; it’s the price you pay for quality of this caliber.* Also, I promised Johnny Cash but didn’t deliver, due to a (literally) last-minute timing-based switcheroo. No worries; the Man in Black will be back.

Have enjoyment with the songs of this!

* & you get what you pay for

Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Twenty-Nine

The Woody Herman Band—I Got the News (Steely Dan cover)

Donna Summer—Looking Up
Nite Jewel—Want You Back
DJ Vadim ft. Sarah Jones—Your Revolution
Everlast—Syndicate Soldier
Paul Hardcastle—19
Meco—Maniac (Lyricon solo by Kenny G)

Meco—Love Theme from Superman III (Moroder)
Helen St. John—Love Theme from Flashdance (Moroder)

Sittercise/Harlem Smoke—The Arms Race
T. Maxwell Carlton—I-80
Stone Roses—Goin’ Down
Glen Campbell—The Straight Life
Flatt & Scruggs—I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (Dylan cover)
Jim Reeves—Waiting for a Train

Tom Scott—Car Wars

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