Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Twenty-Seven

Back again for more nonsense, chicanery, monkeyshines, malarkey, hi-jinks & shenanigans. This week’s crop mixes pop, dance, rap & more. Well, actually, that’s about it. There’s a “block” (I think four songs constitutes a block) of tracks with production by NYC independent hip-hop stalwart El-P; personally, I think his beat on “Night Work” is maybe his best ever? Top three, anyhow.

The first half of the show is a little choppy, for which I blame Ritchie, the friendly gent who does the show before me. We got to talking, & anyone who knows me is aware that I can’t actually do two things at once. Something had to go, & that turned out to be competent segues. But the second half? Man, I have to admit, I am very pleased about the suave smoothness with which I meshed the rap tracks together. Seriously, I am not that good, but it sounds sweet. (Or at least, it did at the time. I haven’t listened back yet.)

Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Twenty-Seven

New Order—Beach Buggy

McFadden & Whitehead—I Got the Love
Imagination—Just an Illusion
Maria Minerva—Gloria
David Hasselhoff—If I Could Only Say Goodbye
The Bob Crewes Generation—Birds of Britain
Indeep—Buffalo Bill
Beans—Mutescreamer (El-P remix)
Slug—RPM Revolutions Per Minute 2.1 (prod. by El-P)
Roots Manuva—Juggle Tings Proper (El-P Madness, Microchips & Hi-Tech War remix)
Sir Menelik—Night Work (prod. by El-P)

Babbletron—All the Way Hype (prod. by El-P) (instrumental)
Babbletron—And One and What (instrumental)

Electric Frankenstein—Coolest Little Monster (ft. Zacherle)
Neal Hefti—“Odd Couple” Theme
The Glitterhouse—Barbarella

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