Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Twenty-Three

Okay, so, sure—I’m hung up on Moroder at the moment. Sue me! Or… check out the first track of tonight’s show & thank me…!

All over the map again tonight, starting with disco-inflected dance-pop, moving over to bubblegum-pop & then to pop country; then into a block of rap music guaranteed to entertain even the most skeptical of rap music skeptics. The concluding hustle meshes punk rock (including a dash of post-modern comedic flair) with dance-pop, for a finale that can’t be beat.

That’s right: I said it—it can’t be beat…!

Be ear now!

Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Twenty-Three

Giorgio & Chris—Love Now, Hurt Later
Neon Neon—I Lust You
Q—Knee Deep In Love
Syndicate of Sound—Little Girl
Glen Campbell—Hey, Little One
Porter Wagoner—Doll Face
Roger Miller—Squares Make the World Go Round

Giorgio Moroder—Flashdance (What a Feeling) (remix instrumental)

Lifesavas—Gutterfly (ft. Camp Lo)
Dangermouse—Tom’s Diner vs. In Da Club (Suzanne Vega/50 Cent)
Latin Rascals—Macho Mozart
UTFO—Lethal (ft. Anthrax) (Mondo Bass mix)
Silicon Teens—Judy in Disguise
Symptoms—Simple Sabotage
Onra—The Anthem
Hard-Ons with Neil Hamburger—Six Pack (Black Flag cover)
Mylo—Destroy Rock & Roll
No More Boredom—Creativity

Lifesavas—A Serpent’s Love (instrumental)

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