Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Twenty-Two

Here’s another weird one.* We start things out with a dash of seventies curmudgeonry, then veer off into the other direction, with a Los Lobos Disney cover (I’ll have to play the Phil Harris original sometime; or even just another Phil Harris song—that guy was brilliant) & a celebration of Dr. King’s birthday holiday from 1986.

Next comes some classic pop-punk with beautiful lyrics, followed by a sweet dose of bafflingly-lyriced pop, then it all just goes to pieces at the end without much in the way of a coherent thread, but a lot of gusto. As Mort Sahl put it, “It’s too bad we don’t have a cause—we have a lot of enthusiasm.”

(Oh—please excuse the blaringly loud station ID during the second song; I did it in a hurry, without headphones. The rest of my on-air levels are much less in the red…)

So, with all that said, on with the show!

* Repo Man, 1984

Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Twenty-Two

All in the Family—Those Were the Days
Los Lobos—I Wanna Be Like You
King Dream Chorus & Holiday Crew—King Holiday
Nancy Wilson—Uptight (Stevie Wonder cover)
Larry Brrrds—Clarisse

Duran Duran—View to a Kill (That Fatal Kiss) (slow)
The Dr. Exx Band—Theme from 2001
Ronnie Dyson—If You Let Me Make Love to You (Then Why Can’t I Touch You)
The Critters—Younger Girl
Jon Astley—Jane’s Getting Serious
Roy Ayers Ubiquity—Running Away
Utopia—Set Me Free
The ‘Tone—Lost Generation

Little Joe (Michael Landon)—Santa Got Lost in Texas
Dick Unteed—Why Do You Girls Wear Britches

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