Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Twenty-One

Welcome back & thanks for dropping by! Won’t you join me as we stay out all night & wake up under a car tomorrow in celebration of the show’s twenty-first episode…?

This week’s show has some really fun disco-soul (undertaking a cover of A Taste of Honey? daring!), some really catchy power-pop & a brutally scathing indictment of the American drinking populace, ca. 1930.

The power-pop block is a cool one; Canadian New Wavers share a song name with NYC rock geniuses (but the Dictators, as always, take the title), then these Private Eye dudes come out of nowhere (you have to see this album cover; click the images below), delivering an intriguingly demanding and insistent take on what’s usually a pretty lighthearted, flirtatious come-on.


The Neil Young track is the B-side of a single from his then-controversial Trans album (he went electronicour Neil!); a now-charmingly-antiquated hi-tech take on an old classic of his.

Basically, this is a good one—it’s always fun finding these random esoteric gems, but sometimes they pile up in a higher ratio of hits to misses. Tonight, ladies & gentlemen, is all about the hits. (The Mrs. was at home, sleeping.*)

As always, the tracklist is embedded in the MP3 for your convenience & the artwork is included free of charge. As for the website, we’re off to a good start, but by next time, things should be organized a little more suavely. Just hold your horses, people!

Let me know how you like it—& hey, why not tell your friends? Surely they enjoy good music, too. Who doesn’t?

* You see what I’ve done there.

The Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Twenty-One

GQ—Boogie Oogie Oogie
Baccara—Sorry, I’m a Lady
Neil Young—Mr. Soul (Dance Remix) (from Trans 12” single)
100 Proof (Aged in Soul)—Don’t Scratch Where It Don’t Itch
The Sweat—Why’d You Have to Lie?
Ohio Express—Mercy

Blockhead & DJ Signify—Nobody’s Smiling (Part One)

Doug & the Slugs—Stay With Me
Dictators—Stay With Me
Private Eye—Your Place or Mine

Mike Oldfield—Hergest Ridge (excerpt)
Gilbert Seldes—The Future of Drinking (1930; excerpt)

Kid Koala—Space Cadet
Downtown Science—This is a Visit

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