Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Two

The “awkward” second show. Not exceptionally polished, but I think it rises above “sophomore slump” territory, anyhow. I wasn’t fully consistent with the show’s current 100% vinyl policy (most of my records were still packed up in storage at the time), but I was able to get to 50%, at least.

Some slow-paced favorites here, around the middle set. Label namedropping: Tri Angle, Italians Do It Better. So far, these have both utterly failed to disappoint, across the board.

Full disclosure: There’s more talking on this one than there should be; I chalk it up to new-radio-show giddiness. These days, I’m less chatty.


The Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Two

Arcadia – The Promise (instro)
Battles – Tras
Peter Brown – Overnight Sensation (12″ version)
Sherbs – Juliet & Me
Caress – Just Like in the Movies

Indeep – When Boys Talk
Gayngs – The Walker
Desire – Under Your Spell
oOoOO – Burnout Eyes

Tiedye – Nothing Else Matters
Bernie Schwartz – Round & Round
Robert A. A. Lowe – Gyromancy

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