Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Nineteen

This one gets off to a very eighties start, then eases into some wackiness. The Negativland song is a classic piece of intellectual property legal-test-caseness, while Penn (of Penn & Teller) Jillette’s track explores the paradoxical theme of being too hip for Vegas. They both go on a bit longer than necessary, but I guess that’s part of their naïve, early-90s charm. Some classic-era Sesame Street songs follow that, along with a light dusting of Christmas music—but don’t miss the gem of the collection, “Devil’s Gun,” which caps off the night with a smoking bang!

The Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Nineteen

Mike Post—Theme from L.A. Law
Quincy Jones—The Dude
The Dark—Judy
Negativland—The Letter U & the Numeral Two
Penn Jillette—Dino’s Head
Oscar the Grouch—I Love Trash
Sesame Street—The Square Song
George Burns—Wish I Was 18 Again

Stina Nordenstam—People Are Strange (UNKLE remix)
Howie B—Under the Boardwalk
Ben Folds—Lonely Christmas Eve
Frank Sinatra—The Christmas Waltz
C.J. & Company—Devil’s Gun

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