The Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Eighteen

This one’s a sort of duel between the forces of pop vs. punk; you might say it reaches its apex in the World/Inferno track, which combines the two. Or wait, is it the Dictators—or that stellar Superkools song, which sounds like a cover of a classic fifties rock & roll anthem? (Or the Danzig song, which is a cover of a fifties rock & roll anthem?*)

Anyhow, some vinyl-only classics from Rancid & Dillinger Four give the set some street cred, offsetting the literary pretensions of the reading from H.G. Wells’ When the Speaker Wakes. Enjoy it all!

* It’s one of many Lieber-Stoller classics, also performed (less werewolfily, but more hip-jiggily**) by Elvis.

** No typo; that’s “hip-jiggily,” i.e., indicating hips that get jiggy, as opposed to the more conventional “hip-jiggly,” which simply describes the jiggling of the hips.

The Revolutionary Plastics Hour: Volume Eighteen

Bottin— No Static (Club Version) (slow)
Fog—Check Fraud (Kid Koala’s Space Cadet 2002 mix)
Pet Shop Boys—What Have I Done to Deserve This? (ft. Dusty Springfield)
Night Hawk—Eye of the Tiger (Disco Version)
Aerobic Dance Hits (Casablanca)—I Can’t Go For That (with instruction)
The World/Inferno Friendship Society—Our Candidate
Bob Dylan—Most Likely You Go Your Way & I Go Mine (Mark Ronson remix)
Southern Culture on the Skids—BSA-441

DJ Spinna—Adyzmal
King M.C.—What have I Done For You Lately (inst)

Superkools—Why Baby Why
Rancid—Media Controller
Dillinger Four—An American Banned
China Drum—Barrier

Bottin— No Static (Club Version) (slow)
H.G. Wells—When the Sleeper Wakes (conclusion)

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